1. The thing is Ole will continue with this win and will end up ruining Manchester united more. Mark my words, they won't be finishing in top 6 with this defence and mid. The B team of Atlanta toyed with them for half of the game.

  2. Man, the ballon d'or debate is at its heights and this man decides to give away the penalty which would have given him his first hat trick for PSG in a crucial Champions league game.

  3. Messi is so good that it became boring to people. For him to win awards, he needs to be ten levels above everyone else, otherwise if he is just a bit better than the rest people want to give it to someone else. The same thing happened to Michael Jordan in the NBA in the 90s.

  4. Kylian Mbappé: “Benzema Ballon d’Or? I love Karim. He helped us win the recent title with the national team, but if we are looking at the year as a whole, then it would be hard to argue against Leo [Messi] winning it.”

  5. Greenwood scores a worldie right into the mouths of those United ronaldo fans who abused him last month for not passing the ball to their idol. Greenwood is clear of Ronaldo.

  6. Lionel Messi against 12th ranked Uruguay. Lewandowski against 210th ranked San Marino. Lewandowski is carried by Bayern team, while Messi carried a struggling Barcelona to title race and Copa Del Rey. Levels.

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