1. 2015 विश्वकप में पाकिस्तान की अकेले क़मर तोड़ दी थी. शमी को गद्दार कहने वाले खुद देशद्रोही हैं. शमी के साथ खड़े होइए और इस हैशटैग पर ट्वीट कीजिए 👇

  2. When we support , we support every person who represents Team India. is a committed, world-class bowler. He had an off day like any other sportsperson can have. I stand behind Shami & Team India.

  3. Mohammed Shami has been a stellar performer for India for eight years, playing a significant role in many a victory. He can't be defined by one performance. My best wishes are always with him. I urge fans & followers of the game to support and the Indian team.

  4. Even I was part of battles on the field where we have lost but never been told to go to Pakistan! I’m talking about 🇮🇳 of few years back. THIS CRAP NEEDS TO STOP.

  5. Lionel Messi in 2021: ✅ 49 games ✅ 40 goals ✅ 14 assists ✅ 27 MOTM awards ✅ La Liga top scorer ✅ Copa America top scorer, Player of the Tournament and winner If any other player had these stats then they would win the Ballon d'Or without debate. Give him his #7 🏆

  6. 🤗 No hay que pasar por alto el gesto de Messi: teniendo la posibilidad de meter un triplete, eligió cederle el penal a Mbappé, quien le había dado una asistencia en el 2-2 y a quien le habían cometido la falta del 3-2. ❌ Kylian falló, pero eso no quita el compañerismo de Leo.

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